For PSK Group and partners

Establishment of a Reporting Center for reporting and handling unfair practice


  • Internal Employees
  • Partner/Account Employees
How to Report
  • Anonymous reporting
  • Confidentiality of Reporter Identity/Content
E-mail, in-person and mail available
Finding Facts
Finding out the facts (within 2 weeks)
  • Reporter, Reference, Actor
  • Result of the investigation, follow-up procedures based on the facts
Request for disciplinary resolution against the actor
Hold a Personnel Committee (If necessary)
  • Disciplinary review, etc
In-house notice
  • Facts, Outcome
Request to establish an implementation plan for prevention of recurrence (within 3 months)
Whether the recurrence prevention plan is implemented (For 1 year immediately after taking action)

Receiving report

E-mail Dohyung Kim Attorney Siyeon Kim Attorney
in-person/mail 13th floor, Dosan-daero 139, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (J-Tower), 06036

A reporting center is established at a law firm in order to avoid any secondary damage after reporting unfair practice. Now, legal experts will judge the illegality and actively deal with it.

Reportable Conduct

Unethical Behavior

  • Receiving money, valuables or treats from external stakeholders in relation to duties.
  • Acts of obtaining an unfair advantage by using the position or causing damage by improper means or intentions.
  • Other unethical acts related to external stakeholders.

Abuse of Power

  • Acts of tyranny, such as verbal abuse and assault by employees of PSK Group using their superior position in their work.
  • The Act of violating the personality by employees of PSK Group by using abusive expressions.
  • The Act of instructing by employees of PSK Group to work in unsafe conditions.

Workplace Bullying, Sexual Harassment

  • Workplace Bullying
  • - Any act that violates the personality and dignity of an employee in the workplace, causing physical and mental pain to other employees or worsening the working environment by using their superior position in the workplace.
  • Sexual Harassment
  • - Any act of using the position in the workplace that make other person feel sexually humiliated or disgusted by sexual words or actions or sexual demands in relation to work.
  • - Any act of giving an employment disadvantage to the other party on the grounds of refusal to comply with sexual words or demands.

Confidentiality of the Reporter's Identity

  • All employees shall not disclose the reporter's identity even if they recognize the reporter's identity on duty or accidentally.
  • - Prohibition of all acts that can expose identity, such as inquiries about the identity of the reporter and interrogation activities to find out the reporter.
  • - Prohibition of disclosure or suggestion of the identity of the reporter and investigator without his/her consent.
  • - Those involved can be punished for violating their identity protection obligations.
  • There should be no disadvantages to the reporter.