HDW equipment

HDW series by PSK Holdings provide hot DI water to clean silicon wafer, liquid glass board, harddisk board using hallogen lamp heater with ≥5000hr life time. They have excellent clean class using PFA, PTFE, PVDF and pure quartz glass which contact DI water directly. Equipments perform 96% or more thermal efficiency and dramatic rapid heating up time with hallogen lamp heater. Safety interlock is designed to countermeasure overheat, leak, heater shartage, power failure, and earthquake.

Product line up
  • Product specification
  • 12~48L/min purity material supply
  • Fast heating up time
  • High purity materials (PVDF, PFA & quartz glass)
  • High heating efficiency
  • Field Proven Products with Qualified Service over 30 Years
  • HDW-48XP is a model with enhanced safety interlock