Product overview

PSK Holdings has a variety of core technologies and product application, including semiconductor packaging equipment process technologies as well as source and hardware technologies.

World's best descum & surface treatment solution in semiconductor packaging industry

  • Descum is a process to remove scum after lithography, and is essential to guarantee good profile of RDL pattern and bump shape.
  • PSK Holdings' ECOLITE series offer high etch rate and high uniformity, and provide world's best CoO and the most compact footprint.
  • We can respond to various size(PLP, WLP) and material(Si, EMC, Flass, CCL) request.
  • The equipment offers high-end semiconductor packaging process such as fan-out technology.


Hot DI water(HDW) equipment in semiconductor wet cleaning process

  • Top competitiveness and the largest market share nationwide.
  • 96% or more thermal efficiency and dramatic rapid heating up time with hallogen lamp heater.
  • Excellent clean class with fluororesin and pure quartz glass.
  • Field proven product over 30 years.

World class competitiveness in fluxless bump reflow

  • The highest worldwide marketshare GENEVA offers the world best technology in fluxless reflow process.
  • PSK Holdings prepares to offer product and technology roadmap for future semiconductor process.
  • Research and development for technology is continuously running to maintain technology competitiveness and advantage.
Affiliate's product introduction

Wafer fabrication equipment